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Elle Pedersen

Euthanasia: Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits? 1 Reply

On an almost daily basis, I provide skilled and compassionate care to elderly people - most of whom have a progressive illness and will inevitably face death in the near future - and sometimes it's not always easy to provide dying residents with relief from distressing symptoms.  I'm not sure legalising euthanasia is a good thing, as I see both sides of the argument and I do think that every life is precious, but if someone close to me were dying and suffering hmm ..   Whilst I feel great sorro…

Tagged: terminal, illness, non, voluntary, dying

Started by Elle Pedersen in Health. Last reply by oldster 1 minute ago.


Political winds of change. 9 Replies

Well what next for the African and middle eastern nations? Apparently more and more nations are rebelling and calling for the end to these despotic, murderous and un-democratic governments.

Tagged: despots, east, middle, Africa

Started by oldster in Politics. Last reply by Elle Pedersen 5 minutes ago.

Elle Pedersen

Cyclone Yasi (Australia) ☢.☢ Category 5 22 Replies

More than 200 tropical cyclones have hit the Queensland coast.  They've unleashed death and destruction to coastal communities from Cape York to Coolangatta.  The effects are felt for quite a fair distance inland.  About four tropical cyclones are tracked in Queensland each season.   Image Source Duncanriley   How does a cyclone form? A cyclone forms when a deepening low pressure system absorbs huge volumes of water vapour from warm tropical ocean waters.  Other meterological factors are requir…

Tagged: coastal, erosion, categories, rains, season

Started by Elle Pedersen in Science & Conservation. Last reply by oldster 1 hour ago.


Egypt 34 Replies

Anyone else following the situation? This is a big story with serious political and religious ramifications... So far, at least 100 people have died and thousands have been injured. Mubrarak (the dictator who's been in power for 31 years and is now 82) has already forced his cabinet to resign, but the protesters want him out. There are concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over and an oppressive Islamic regime being installed instead. The army was sent in yesterday because there are now…

Tagged: demonstrations egypt, mubarak, democracy, revolution egypt, riots egypt

Started by CaSundara in Politics. Last reply by oldster 1 hour ago.

Elle Pedersen

Google: Unnatural Monopoly? 8 Replies

Google is in trouble again as more companies have accused it of prioritising its own content over theirs.  Go here to read more ..

Tagged: Instant, Click, Fraud, Search, Monopoly

Started by Elle Pedersen in Computers & Electronics. Last reply by oldster 2 hours ago.

Elle Pedersen

Bloggers 5 Replies


Tagged: Blogger, Comments, increase, Guest, to

Started by Elle Pedersen in Computers & Electronics. Last reply by oldster 2 hours ago.

Elle Pedersen

Conspiracy Theories 4 Replies

    The BBC's Conspiracy Files investigates a range of remarkable claims that have been made after the bomb attacks on London's transport system four years ago. Why did the government claim the bombers had travelled to London on a train that didn't run on that day? Did Israeli security forces know of the attacks in advance and then warn their officials visiting London not go near the targeted locations? These are just some of the remarkable claims being made.  Go here to read more ..

Tagged: extraterrestrials, aliens, alien, civilisations, London

Started by Elle Pedersen in Politics. Last reply by oldster 3 hours ago.


14 Year-Old Rape-Victim Beaten & Whipped to Death by Muslim Clerics 16 Replies

I read the story in the paper today and wanted to believe it couldn't be true; but it seems it is... The poor girl was raped by her much older cousin and then beaten by his family for her 'participation'. She was then sentenced to a public flogging by village elders. Muslim clerics, including the wife of the rapist, whipped her 100 times. She died the following day. Read more via the following links. http://news.uk.msn.com/forum/thread.aspx?bo clerics have since been arrested, but this was, acc…

Tagged: rape, 14 year old muslim rape-victi…, sharia, islam, muslim

Started by CaSundara in General & Off-Topic. Last reply by oldster 1 day ago.


Introductions 11 Replies

Hello folks! I'm your site administrator, and I'm here to help if you need any assistance. This is the thread to introduce yourself on. Don't be shy! So, kicking off; I'm mother of four, an amateur writer, a website manager, a professional blogger and a part-time student. I (try to) study classical civilisations, ancient history, psychology and philosophy, though I have to admit I seem to be fighting a loosing battle. I'm very interested in esotericism, spirituality, the occult, etc. If you ha…

Tagged: community, online, poets, poetry, writing

Started by CaSundara in General & Off-Topic. Last reply by CaSundara Feb 3.


Changing Themes on Profile Pages

A week or so ago I added some sub-tabs to the tabs at the top of the page to make navigation easier. If you hover over the 'MY PAGE' tab you'll see a sub-tab called 'CHANGE THEME'. Clicking there will take you to another page where you may choose from a range of available themes - these can be further customised by clicking on 'All Options' (to change colours, fonts and background images) or 'Advanced' (if you're an expert in html).

Tagged: technical, changing profile themes

Started by CaSundara in We Like to Write News Feb 3.





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Blog Posts


Is the UK a True Democracy?

We Brits like to think we are democratically governed, but the type of democracy we experience differs considerably from the original concept established thousands of years ago in classical Greece. In recent years, the right of an individual to arrange to a referendum was recalled by ex-PM Tony Blair. This reduction in people power, in addition to changes to various laws, pre-existing complaints concerning fair representation, and the '…

Posted by CaSundara on February 5, 2011 at 8:30pm


The Caduceus of Hermes: Symbolism, Mythology, Origins & History

The caduceus is the symbol of the Ancient Greek god Hermes, messenger of the gods and protector of merchants and thieves in Greek mythology. The staff, or rod, which bears two wings at the top and two intertwining snakes on its shaft, traditionally symbolises commerce; however, it is now commonly used interchangeably with the Rod of Asclepius to symbolise healing and medicine. The caduceus was/is also used by alchemists and occultists, and very similar symbolism has been discovered dating…


Posted by CaSundara on February 5, 2011 at 11:30am


How to Treat Interior Damp Caused by Condensation

Damp caused by condensation can be difficult to treat and may even cause health problems. The unsightly patches of black mould are incredibly annoying, often reappearing after just a few weeks of redecorating, creating that distinct aroma that screams at visitors: 'Hey, my house is mouldy!'. Many households experience damp and condensation, but both can be prevented if the correct steps are taken and care is taken after treatment to keep them at bay.

Posted by CaSundara on February 4, 2011 at 12:34am


Genetically Modified Cats: The Toyger

The Toyger is one of the latest in an array of "designer cats" to have flooded the pet market in recent years. Following hot on the heels of the Bengal - another pet designed to look like a miniature wild cat yet behave like a domestic companion, the Toyger is basically a genetically modified tabby-cat. The question is, have they got it right? Is the Toyger worth the …


Posted by CaSundara on February 3, 2011 at 7:54pm


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tips for Internet Writers

Assuming you have the skills required to write brilliant content, the next stage in becoming a successful, Internet-based, freelance writer is studying SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. When hiring the services of a freelance writer, webmasters expect them to be equipped with the skills to optimise the article, blog-post, or other web-content, so that it will show up in search engine results when people enter the relevant keywords. If you write for an Internet publisher that pays per…


Posted by CaSundara on February 1, 2011 at 10:55pm


Om Seti: The Peculiar Case of Dorothy Eady

Dorothy Louise Eady, otherwise known as Omm Sety, or Om Seti, was born in England to Irish parents in January 1904. Her fascinating and intriguing life is the subject of a recent book, which explores evidence for her life-long claim of being the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess and servant at Abydos, in the 13th century BC. Crucially, some of what Dorothy told archaeologists about the Temple of Sety 1, supposedly her home and place of work in her Egyptian past-life, has since been…


Posted by CaSundara on February 1, 2011 at 10:43pm


What Consequences Will Arise from the Egyptian Revolution?

Massive and sometimes violent demonstrations in Egypt throughout the last week have taken the world by surprise, despite the US government's newly-discovered awareness of plans to topple the Mubarak dictatorship: according to The Telegraph, American authorities have been colluding with Egyptian activists since 2008, even training a key organiser. Protests escalated as the weekend approached, and what has been hailed the 'Egyptian Revolution' or 'Jasmine Revolution' will have serious…


Posted by CaSundara on February 1, 2011 at 3:15pm


Is Sex the Key to a Long, Happy and Healthy Life?

Is sexual activity the key to a long, happy, healthy life? According to anecdotal evidence and numerous medical reports, sexual energy is a powerful panacea, and perhaps the ultimate antioxidant. Vitamin O (an orgasm) might just be the Holy Grail!

"Hamsters that were injected with cancer-causing drugs and then allowed to copulate freely remained healthy. The hamsters who died from the toxic injections did not engage in sexual activity" - Ostrowski, NL, DW Kress et al, 'Sexual…


Posted by CaSundara on January 27, 2011 at 12:09am


And God Said "Let There be Homosexuality!"

In recent years, biologists and zoologists have discovered one or more types of homosexual, bisexual, and even trans-gender behaviour displayed by over 1500 species of animal; such sexual relations have so far been documented in over 500 species. Pairs of males are more common, but female-female relationships certainly aren't unheard of, and both sexes have been known to engage in courtship, affection, sex, parenting and bonding within same-sex relationships.

The latest research…


Posted by CaSundara on January 27, 2011 at 12:00am

Elle Pedersen

Women in the Military Denied Tough Combat Jobs

Modern warfare has seen an increase in the number of women taking on more senior, tactical and high-risk posts in the military. In countries like Canada and New Zealand, the sky is the limit for a servicewoman and your career options include fighter pilot, infantry and clearance diver. Australian servicewomen can apply for any position in the navy, except clearance diving and while in the navy, she can serve…


Posted by Elle Pedersen on January 25, 2011 at 11:38pm


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Collins and Elle Pedersen are now friends
42 seconds ago
I think it should be the patient or their advocate (that administered  the final whatever) - It would be unfair to make another do it - Unless they were a willing party. But I do feel human rights should include voluntary death.
1 minute ago
Re:  Farting in public - for God's sake - better out than in!
5 minutes ago
Elle Pedersen added a discussion
On an almost daily basis, I provide skilled and compassionate care to elderly people - most of whom have a progressive illness and will inevitably face death in the near future - and sometimes it's not always easy to provide dying residents with rel…
11 minutes ago
I think his brief has told the court the attempt to extradite him is illegal and not applicable - Not to mention infringing his human rights and may allow him to be extradited to America where he could be given a death sentence on trumped up charges…
23 minutes ago
Yea well the charges against Assange are bloody ridiculous and Sweden's sexual assault laws are a bloody joke too.  Ofredande = a Swedish charge meaning annoyance (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) .. he is accused of using his body weight (not…
44 minutes ago
Yep read all about that the other day - There's actually a revolution starting in europe or a Russian state - and trouble in Malawi where 'farting' in public has been made illegal ??
49 minutes ago
And in response to your first post - Abidjan - there is a political crisis goin' on over there i.e. talk of a civil war over election results, President Laurent Gbagbo closing the West African nation's borders and refusing to step down from office. …
1 hour ago
They certainly have opened the can of worms mate - along with those conspiracy sites popping up everywhere - government cannot hide anymore. They still flaunt garbage as excuses and expect us to swallow it though :-) Asange was in court today - does…
1 hour ago
Hmm .. and once upon a time - the bigger the lie - the more the public absorbed .. but we're more suspicious now thanks to the internet.  The BS we're expected to believe about foreign policy and wars has been illuminated ..  thanks to Wikileaks als…
1 hour ago
It just seems that a new disaster is striking  each day all over the continent girl - thanks though hugg.
1 hour ago
Saw this on our news mate - not much progress I'm afraid. The protestesters just want to hear Mubarak has gone - they seem to think if they cease the protest he'll regroup - I think so too.
1 hour ago
Oldster - if I or my family were in grave danger - you'd be one of the first to know ..
1 hour ago
1 hour ago
Poor girl - I do hope you and all yours are safely away from these major catastrophes?
1 hour ago
1 hour ago
God .. I could scream!  I had typed almost a whole page!  I was looking for something and forgot to open a new tab - so I'm not going to type it again .. I'll find some reading material in cyberspace for people who are interested in how the weather…
2 hours ago
Wonder if it really matters - a bit like a t.v channel accusing another of stealing it's viewers?
2 hours ago
What's a guest blogger ? Someone who writes stuff on your blog?
2 hours ago
Governments cannot hide or suppress things - now there is the net - obviously people won't stay in the dark any more and demand information and explanation.
2 hours ago


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